Dear Parent or Guardian

It has come. Your child that once wanted you by their side at all times and hid between your legs, is spending more time at school, with friends, has a part time job, and is ready to drive. SCARY? We understand!

That is why we take pride in what we do, we hire the best instructors, with experience and patients to help students no matter their driving skill set is coming in. We aim to provide affordable prices, without compromising or cutting corners on education or safety and we value each student for joining First Class Driving School!

Driving is such an important skill it can be helpful in job searches, learning responsibility because it is a BIG responsibility to be behind the wheel. It can also be great for you, maybe you can be a little less stressed from the pressure of driving to school and practice etc. Whatever the case we aim to ensure that our instructors aid your child in learning safe and proper driving techniques.

We keep things relevant and will often talk about recent & local news stories.

We discuss hot topics in class like speeding, drinking and driving, texting and distracted driving and consequences. With so much social media not only do we worry about distracted driving but distracted pedestrians. We want to make sure we put the best drivers possible on the roads we all share.

The policy and these details are reviewed with students during their first day and a copy is sent home with them, but as parents we like those details too. Some important things to know that are regulated by the Ministry of Transportation, the law and the school are:

The course must be completed with a pass of 80% in class and on the road within 1 Year.

Each student is required to carry their G1 with them while doing any road lessons. If they do not bring it will be considered a missed class and will be charged $40 to the student. Your child can sign up before their G1 but cannot do the road lessons until they acquire G1 license.

Students that are late or miss an in class session will need to make up that day in sequence during another course and will not be able to start in car until they pass and complete the full 20 hours in classroom and 10 hours of homework.

Our instructors have many students throughout the day and are expected to be on time, we expect the same of our students in order to keep that schedule. Missed car lessons or late lessons will be charged at $40. The student will not be able to book additional lessons until the missed lesson charge is paid. If a student is running late we expect a phone call. Cancellations must be done 24 hours in advance to avoid fees.

Our instructors all have cellphones and each student is contacted (by the number provided during registration) to start the in car lessons, they can contact the instructor directly to change their scheduled dates, ask questions but they can also call the school at any time. Their instructor will provide them with a business card and the details.

Once completed each student will receive their grade, but will also receive a feedback card with suggestions on skills they may want to work on with a qualified driver they know, like you the parent, an uncle, aunt etc.

We cover different skills in each of the 10 hours in the package but your child may not feel ready for their G2 test, and that’s okay. If the hours included in the package are not sufficient, because remember we are all different and learn at different paces, we may struggle with different skills, additional lessons can be purchased.

Their G2 Test is not included but arrangements can be made, please visit our pricing and packages for information on Car Loans for tests.

Their certificate of completion will be available at any Service Ontario, by request of Drivers License History, there is a fee from Service Ontario to get the print out that is sometimes required by insurance companies.

Our goal is to stay the best, because all our ribbons say we have been so far! It is important for us to get your feedback and so please follow up with us anytime.

We thank you for entrusting us with your child. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions. Our policy link is available on our site and there is also a Frequently Asked Questions Tab that can also help eliminate some questions you may have. However don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions or comments. We love to hear from you.